Editorial: Will we see the Plugin API soon?

Minecraft has had one of the most active and diverse server experiences. Many of the things servers do today would not be possible without the Bukkit API and its implementation, CraftBukkit. From Hypixel to Playmindcrack, many of these servers would not be possible without Bukkit. Bukkit allows developers to make plugins, or a piece of […]


Editorial: Is Minecraft PC edition on the backburner?

Since Microsoft bought Mojang, several great (or at the very least, interesting) things has happened to Minecraft. The announcement of Minecraft: Story Mode, a possible port to Microsoft HoloLens in the future, Minecraft being featured in Microsoft commercials, and even contributing to Minecraft: PE development have all been beneficial to Minecraft and it's community. But do you notice […]


Minecraft PC coming to the Windows Store

Three years ago, then-Mojang CEO Markus Persson (aka Notch) denounced Microsoft for announcing the Windows Store, an easy way to find Windows applications included with Windows 8. He thought that the Windows Store would put an end to other games/app stores already existing on PC. He spoke out against the Windows Store, saying "[Xbox] and iOS are […]