Meet John Carmack, the man single-handedly responsible for Minecraft VR

Very rarely do you see extremely dedicated developers doing everything they can to push the boundaries of gaming. John Carmack recently revealed he was the primary reason Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition will gain Oculous Rift support in Spring 2016. And it's quite a story. John Carmack Oculus's chief technology officer, working on the groundbreaking Oculus Rift […]


'Super League Gaming' hosts LAN games for kids in movie theaters

LAN gaming and e-Sports was the inspiration for 'Super League Gaming', a gaming group created by Brett Morris. KOB reports that the newly-created group will start hosting Minecraft events starting October 6th – in a movie theater. Morris partnered with local theaters to host Minecraft competitions with up to 100 local children. The kids bring their own […]


The first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, "The Order of The Stone", coming Oct. 13th

Are you excited for Minecraft: Story Mode? The game was a suprise announcement from Mojang near the end of last year, and since then we've progressively got more sneak peaks at the upcoming title. Today Mojang announced the release date for Story Mode: October 13th. Every game by Telltale is organized into 'episodes', induvidual interactive […]