Minecraft being given away to every school in Northern Ireland

The province of Northern Ireland is about to become the first entire region to participate in MinecraftEdu. For those of you unaware, MinecraftEdu is a modded version of Minecraft Minecraft developed by TeacherGaming LLC. It’s designed to allow teachers to easily manage Minecraft servers for their classes, and lets students engage in interactive in-game activities. The Guardian […]


PAC-MAN fully recreated in vanilla Minecraft, complete with original ghost AIs

What happens when you push the limits of command blocks and resource packs in Minecraft? The original PAC-MAN game in Minecraft happens. YouTube user MrSquishy uploaded this video yesterday of a fully-functioning replica of PAC-MAN inside Minecraft, complete with an arcade machine replica. But how does it work? Essentially it uses a custom resource pack (containing […]

Changes to the forums

Earlier this month we announced our Powered by Redstone forums, a way for the readers of our site to interact with each other. We’ve been making some small changes since it was announced, so here’s a summary: We just added support for changing your avatar on the forums. Make it whatever you want, from the […]