Mojang is starting to block servers with Minecraft 1.9.3 R2

All the way back in 2014, there was a huge drama emerging between Mojang, the then-major server software Bukkit, and thousands of multiplayer servers. The issue was Minecraft's end-user license agreement (EULA for short), where Mojang stated that servers could not charge money for in-game advantages like flying, different modes, and other forms of 'cheating'. […]


Seven million Lifeboat accounts hacked, tried to keep it quiet

With thousands and thousands of community-run forums and communities based around Minecraft, at least one was bound to have bad security. For those who aren't aware, Lifeboat is a major Minecraft Pocket Edition server network, with (at the time of the hack) over seven million accounts registered. Security researcher Troy Hunt informed several websites a few […]

Minecraft 1.9.3 Pre-Release 1

Ready for the newest Minecraft snapshot? Here's all the details, straight from Mojang's company blog: Here it is, the first (and hopefully only) pre-release of Minecraft 1.9.3. Notable changes: Performance should be improved for most players Some players may experience the same performance as before Very few players should have worse performance Nobody should have […]

Minecraft_ Windows 10 Edition Beta 7_29_2015 2_05_22 PM

Minecraft Realms now supports cross-play for Pocket Edition and Win10 Edition

Minecraft Realms is Mojang's private server hosting service, where anyone with a subscription can easily create and manage their own private server hosted by Mojang. This avoids all of the complicated manual server setup, and allows users to invite their friends to play from inside Minecraft itself. Mojang just announced that Minecraft Realms is coming […]