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Skin Finder 3.0

Skin Finder 3.0 is the biggest update for Skin Finder ever. It works on every major browser, features a Minecraft-styled interface, and can even be embedded on any other website (see here)! It uses CSS3 to replicate the Minecraft font, as well as display the skin preview with no fuzzy-ness (if that's a word). It's the best Skin Finder update yet.

  • Binx13

    I like dis thing 😀

  • SupremeDragonBoy

    Nice, got my lost skin I made for myself with this!

  • fineondoskins


    • Corbin Davenport

      lol a couple of months ago.

  • SnowFalls

    Thanks! I had misplaced my skin =)

  • BubbaZero

    What is this written in? I assume JavaScript?

    • Corbin Davenport

      You are correct! 😀

  • jesusthekiller

    I like it :3

    To author: make it check at amazon server:

    • Corbin Davenport

      Unfortunately it seems that JavaScript doesn't have access to the skins on amazon.

      • jesusthekiller

        Oh, ok :)