Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.5.0 pushed to November, lots of secret stuff

I love Minecraft PE as much as the next guy, so I was pretty bummed when I saw this. Johan, a Minecraft Pocket Edition developer at Mojang, posted today that the release of MCPE 0.5.0 has been pushed to, "sometime in November." Don't fret, because he promises that it, "will be awesome when it's released," and mentions something called a 'Reactor'. He previously said he was planning to add an alternative to the Nether to 0.5.0. Whatever will be in the update, this time around Kindle owners will join Minecraft players around the world to spam the Refresh Updates button in unison.

Source: Twitter

  • kevin2314

    The reactor is the alternative and I'm very curious on what this reactor will do!

  • keoki00

    the reactor just gives you things from the nether.

  • Cosmo

    Nooooooooo i hope it is October

  • Thomas

    When is 0.4.1 coming out?

    • I think Mojang is just going to wait it out until 0.5.0 next month.

  • Thomas

    Man, I can"t wait till the nether.

  • Googol beat

    Oh come on! They already have the things from regulAr minecraft just put it on minecraft pe already!!!! Gosh!!!!!!

    • Phones don't have nearly as much power as PCs, so many things have to be changed or taken out. Redstone most likely won't come to mobile for this reason.

      • Bob

        There will be Redstone just not for a long time.

        • True, one of these days they will make phones with five or six cores, then everything will be fast O_o

    • minecraftfanatic11

      I totally agree, why would Mojang take so long?!?!?!?

      • Because they only have two developers working on Minecraft PE, and about six working on the PC version. More people play the PC version, so they focus on that one the most.

  • 1# zombie hunter

    What does "Whatever will be in the update, this time around kindle owners" meen?


    Why is it that hard to just build a neither into he game????

    • The Nether is laggy on the computer, so try to imagine how laggy it would be on a phone.

    • drave77

      U r stupid u have to build it allvin which will take at lest a week then u have to put the nether texturesvon it which will probabpy take a while then they are also adding other stuff so they have to chamge the game a lot

  • They said it will be October 5th

  • staubes

    Gunna be neather melons armor mushroom growing

  • Cool I can't what for the update it is stresing me out

  • mr.minecraft man ;o

    damn it damn it damn it i have checked the app store constantly since the 5th of october i think ill keel over before november

  • Will holland

    Yeh I have been checking my. App Store every hour basically. Can you move it to oct 25 that's my birthday.

    • Notch31

      the one on the computer updates on oct 25 so happy birthday

  • Jessica

    OMG! my friend and i have been checking the Apps store 24/7 and nothing! Finally a answer! this next update better be good!! 🙂 Also if Mojang ever see this post..please! bring out Buckets,Armor and a crafting table that lets u craft anything and not just let u pick somethings……also NEVER NEVER NEVER bring out the teleporters! i will never play the PE if u do i HATE them!! they scare u to death! D: ……:D thanx xx

  • Morgan

    I really can't wait until 0.5.0 I have been checking the app store since 10 October

  • Morgan

    I heard there will be a nether machine thing exclusive to minecraft pe and paintings as well and also melons and mushroom farming

  • joel

    No nono i want the wolf I'm tired of having no pet or buddy in minecraft zompigmen screw tht bring the wolf instead

  • Nmb300

    Maby it will be on 11/14/12 that's my birthday

  • Hartwithknives

    i bet its just like a terraformer in tekkit you power it and it slowly turns a small area into a nether biome maybe this alternative goes in a different direction we dont know yet but soon will find out.

  • ALEX


  • minecraftfanatic11

    I agree with you mr minecraft man, this almost torture!!!

  • minecraftfanatic11

    Please Mojang, if you see this post , at least release some form of pre- release, or release it earlier. I just want to be able to do more, I am growing bored and impatient of Minecraft PE, partly due to the limit of things that you can do. Surely if you have already created it on PC, then you can just simply convert it to an app.

    • If only it was that easy. It's technologically impossible for them to simply 'convert' it. Everything in the game must be re-written for the Android AND iOS version.

  • Lovin minecraft

    I have been checking minecraft pe in App Store since the last update. I'm 15 and I play minecraft