Notch says, “We’re not making Minecraft 2,” will keep working on Minecraft

Minecraft is a unique game. Very few games receive updates after they are released, especially commercial games. Minecraft, even after hitting 1.0, has not stopped with weekly snapshots and new releases every few months. Even though 1.0 will continue to get updates, a Minecraft 2 will likely not come.  In response to someone on Twitter asking about what Minecraft 2 will have, Notch simply said, “we’re not making Minecraft 2.” There ya go, no Minecraft 2, simple as that. See Notch himself say it at the source link below.

Source: @notch

  • kevin2314

    Not surprising and honestly not heart breaking it’s a great game and not something that would need a sequel.

    • Honeydewmelon56

      and i dont wanna pay for a new version.

      • Corbin Davenport

        Good point.

  • BubbaZero

    I wonder if they are going to keep updating, they will get to a Minecraft 2.0

  • FruitcakeCat63

    yes, i bet they will….. :D

  • 8jaspers

    Do you guys have a powered by redstone server? That would be amazing…

    • Corbin Davenport

      No, as we do not have the funds or hardware to run one. Maybe later this year, but I can’t make any promises ;)

  • Casey Williams

    Casey is cool

  • Caseymon

    Plz domt