More details about Minecraft PE 0.4.0, release in September

A few days ago, tweets revealed that a new update for Minecraft Pocket Edition is coming. Today Mojang posted more details, including a ‘Mid-September’ release. Lots of exciting news about the release were mentioned, some of which include TNT, Flint and Steel, Beds, Creepers, Zombies dropping feathers, and Peaceful Mode.

New foods are being added including apples, bread, mushroom soup, beef, chicken and pork to fill the bellies of players. Moss stone, redstone ore, and white wool are now in Creative Inventory (Redstone has not been added). Trap doors, more dyes, and a crap load of bug fixes are also in it. Small things worth noting is that the day is longer and when using items the player moves slower. Check out the full change log at the source link below, and check with us for updates when the release date is announced.

Source: Mojang

  • kevin2314

    Seeing that the update has already been submitted and its usually like a week for approval couldn’t we expect it to be sooner than mid September?

    • Corbin Davenport

      Submitted, not approved.

  • Honeydewmelon56

    *dropping. you guys should get a spell-check guy. just saying.

    • Corbin Davenport

      My bad, fixed!

  • Bob the Builder

    @kevin2314 since it is a major update with a lot of features they have to go through each and every piece to check for viruses and stuff