• Justin M Berry

    So many Devices.

  • Ghgore

    I have a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 (2012) 😀

  • Caleb Hansen

    I have a pantech flex, but it is supported

  • Manni

    What about ipad air plz get back to me soo worried I love minecraft pe!

  • BurningVShadow

    OMG! Thank you Corbin for this list, once I read of the first post infinite worlds on certain devices I thought that my kindle fire HD would not support infinite worlds. If you did not post this report I probably would have been playing MCPE 0.9.0 for at least a month before I would of learned that my kindle can support infinite worlds. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  • Blake Beard

    yay! go duel core processing on the kindle!

  • that guy…

    since I only have a ipod4, can I still play the game or will it lag like crazy / not let me update?

    • Batman

      you should be able to play with much larger worlds with no problem just no infinite worlds you will still get the other new things like endermen slime villagers etc

    • You can still run and play the game, infinite worlds will just be a little slower than normal worlds.

      • Batman

        I know this is a bit off topic but do you have an app for this site if not you should make one.

        • Ghgore

          They have a chrome and Firefox app, and there are no commands in PE as of yet 😀

  • Theblazingdarkzone

    Man, I'm relieved, my Kindle Fire Gen 2 will support infinite worlds.

  • EmberEnderforxc

    Yay, I have an iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. I'm see relieved. 😀

    • Endergirl

      Every one says minecraft PE doesn't work on a nook color, but it worked for me. Would infinite worlds still run on it with little lag?

      • EmberEnderforxc

        I have a nook with minecraft pe on it, I would like to know to, couldn't fine anything saying it wouldn't. Would it? :/

        • Crawfish

          It will work, but with some lag. :p

  • 15thcreations

    what would happen with one core devices with the infinite worlds thing would it just lag a bit when generating

    • xXTheCanadianFrenchFryXx

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It would probably break your device, destroy the proccesor, break the app, etc.

      • 15thcreations

        thx but this sucks ive been whaiting for this update for ever

        • I don't know why he said it would do that. The worst that could happen is the game lagging.

  • mr.ender

    guess what minecraft pe should becoming out this month yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sean

    How about the android flare 2? Its running android 4.1 and is dual core

  • Ricky blaze

    Nexus 7 2013, Quad core, Awe Yeahhh 😀

    • Ghgore

      Go Android 😀

  • War kid 101

    I am not actually sure what model my iPad is that I am typing on right now, but I think it is an iPad 3 or 4, how do you find out what it is?

    • Ghgore

      Does it have a lightning connector?

  • War kid 101

    It is a school given iPad, you see.

    • FruitcakeCat63

      you'd pay 7 bucks to get minecraft on a school ipad?

  • FruitcakeCat63

    Ugh, my iPod touch won't support it D:

    • Ghgore

      That's sad D:

      • FruitcakeCat63

        i know right 🙁

        • Ghgore

          I have a iPod 4 too, but I play MCPE on my Nexus 4 😀

  • Does it support Huawei Phones?

    • Ghgore

      If that is some kind of windows phone then, no. If it is an android then use the convenient search bar on home screen to Google if is had a muti-core 😀

  • chiller8088

    how about ipad 1

  • 15thcreations

    the only thuing on this list that works is my kindle fire 8.9

  • 15thcreations


  • hisham hussain

    does it work for ipod touch 4?

  • Lara may

    Noooooo! I have and ipod 4th gen!!! This is heart breaking!

    • It will still work, infinite worlds will just be slow. Normal worlds and everything else will still work fine.

  • Bobby Ray

    Will this work for my 'Alcatel one touch fierce' its running Android 4.2 . I know it will work I just want to know if the infinite worlds will run slow or smooth

  • Blueparakeet

    Would infinite worlds work on a nook? I NEED TO KNOW!!!! Surfed the internet for a while, but there weren't many good or descriptive answers that would tell me if it could without to much lag.

    • If you have a Nook Tablet, Nook HD, or Nook HD+, then yes. If you have a Nook Color, then it will be laggy.

      • Blueparakeet

        Thx, I have a nook color, but I also have HD with mcpe. IM SO HAPPy !!!!!

  • ShayWolf101

    How will this effect servers? If one player has an ipod 3 and another has iPad 2 and on the same server then will the server have infinite or finite?

    • RandomGuy

      Servers will not have the option to become infinite so this is not an issue

  • kostarasosfp

    will sony xperia tipo be able to play 0.9.0?

  • Rexo5

    What about the 64 bit support and Apple A7 I want to know if my Ipod5 will support that too

    • The Apple A7 is a processor that is only found in the iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad Mini 2. But the iPod Touch 5 will run 0.9.0 infinite worlds fine.