First screenshot of Minecraft PlayStation Edition revealed


4J Studios has been very quiet about Minecraft for the PlayStation, but today that has changed. After failing to deliver on Sony's promise of a PS4 edition on the console's release day, we have heard nothing from the company other than the occasional tweet about bug fixing the PS3 edition. Today 4J Studios tweeted "Look what arrived today! Very nice box :)" with a picture of the fairly new Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition bundle. In the background, a TV with what appears to be the PlayStation edition can be seen.

The above picture is a more clear view of the screen in the picture, cropped and stretched. Controls for crafting and inventory are visible, with key mappings to PlayStation controller buttons. Unfortunately, we still have no idea when the PS3, PS4, or Vita Editions of Minecraft will be released. However, 4J has said that the PS3 Edition will come before the others. See the original tweet at the source link below.

Source: Twitter

  • jewstin bieber

    this better be true. cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dewan Obadage

    It looks exactly like xbox360 edition

  • Jack McKercher

    I cannot wait for this to come out but one question: will you need an internet connection to play multiplayer?

    • There will probably be split-screen multiplayer as well as online multiplayer.

  • Javi F

    Great, I love it.

  • xXStarWolf64Xx

    Will split screen be hd only? I know Terraria did that.