Beets coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.8.0, can be crafted into soup or dyes


Porting Minecraft PC Edition features over to Pocket Edition is great, but when Pocket Edition gets something completely exclusive, now that’s fantastic. Today on Twitter, Johan (one of the developers for Minecraft Pocket Edition) tweeted “New feature for 0.8.0, beets! Can be turned into dye and soup!” That pretty much sums up the new feature: beets! As shown in the screenshot, beets can be seen in slot two. Beet seeds are in slot three, beet soup is in slot one, and what looks like red dye in slot four.

Although it’s not something big, it’s always nice to see little new features added to Pocket Edition. Let us know in the comments one little feature you would like to add to Minecraft!

Source: Twitter

  • alaphant42

    I like it, I think it gives PE something to be proud of finally.

  • Xavian Thrift

    I would like to add iron doors to minecraft pe because it is a good for buildings and the wood doors mess up your creation

  • Xavian Thrift

    When is the update I have been waiting for 2 months

  • Matt


  • 59units

    Cheat codes because then you can build a massive city in creative mode then live there in survival

  • 59units

    Oh, and enchantments

  • CrisisRevolution

    To be honest, PC will probably still this idea like they did the “lighting creepers with flint and steel” thing. But I would item frames and flower pots in MCPE. That would be AWESOME!!

  • AwesomelyB

    Couldn’t they have left it with roses? It would still be different, because now PC doesn’t have roses anymore. I wish they would work on redstone and making the world bigger before adding beets…

    • kayla

      They do let you get redstone now but I miss the roses red dye my world has no pumpkins no watermelons no beetroots and no cows

  • BurningVShadow

    Corbin, when you read the last phase in the first paragraph, you said “red dye in slot four.”
    When the red dye is actually in slot five. Other than that, thanks for the post. :)

    • BurningVShadow

      Also I just checked the minecraft wiki and it says that the beet is called ” beetroot.”
      I don’t know if that will be the official name or not, but I thought I would tell you.

    • BurningVShadow

      Unless you are counting from right to left, then you are correct.

  • Nelly

    I want them to add hunger bars really bad

  • …..

    And how will beets be obtainable?

  • kayden

    can you bone meal beats to make them grow faster

    • Corbin Davenport

      Possibly, they are plants after all.

  • kayden

    When are Silverfish coming Mr.Corbin?and when are hunger bars coming too?

    • Corbin Davenport

      Neither have been confirmed, so probably not anytime soon.

  • bud

    Hi im 11 and I just was wanting to know when mcpe 0.8.0 was coming out I don’t have internet And my moms phone has minutes but not enough to look at Twitter And I know it’s coming out
    at the end of this month but does anyone know when the date is?

    • Corbin Davenport

      Nope, no date yet.

  • bud

    I’d like colored armor

  • Friend

    We should have pies and PIZZA!

  • Artem Kirilichev

    how do you get beets?

  • Artem Kirilichev

    in minecraft P.E

  • Artem Kirilichev

    pls help

  • Minecraft lover 2013

    Minecraft lover 2013
    How do you get them in survival?