Minecraft PE 0.9.0 confirmed to have infinite worlds, says Johan at Wired Next Gen Event

MztMoojEarlier this month, Johan confirmed that Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.0 would be released in the first quarter of 2014, but we didn't know about any features. Well now we know one feature Pocket fans have been waiting for is confirmed – infinite worlds.

Reddit user theConzor posted to the Minecraft Pocket Edition sub-reddit about how he attended Wired's Next Generation event in London. Johan, the main developer for Minecraft Pocket Edition, was there to share how he started as a game developer and his current job at Mojang. The reddit user went on to say he was able to talk to Johan after the event, and even got to hug him (lucky!). "I thanked him for his hard work adding new features to MCPE and said, on behalf of /r/MCPE that I was very grateful for all the updates and am looking forward to 0.8.0! He also reconfirmed infinite worlds for 0.9.0!" he said in his Reddit post.

Minecraft Pocket Edition having infinite worlds has always been talked about, and was held off several times due to time and device hardware restraints, but it looks like come 2014 Pocket Edition players will finally have it. Curiously enough, infinite worlds is something that isn't on the XBox 360 Edition, and probably never will.

Source: Reddit

  • MCPEisepic

    Yes!! Pocket edition is overtaking Xbox!
    Pe will have…
    Infinite worlds
    1.7 biomes.
    And Xbox NEVER will…

  • butter boy

    we alradey have stone cutters>>>>>>>>>


    🙁 I play Xbox and am sad to see that i dont ever get infinite worlds. 🙁

    • It's a limitation of the Xbox's graphics hardware.

    • Steve_Epic

      Maybe they will add it for xbox ONe?

      • Infinite worlds probably will come to Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, since the One has more RAM and CPU horsepower than the 360.

  • KingInfamous

    I'm so happy

  • yo

    I can't wait

  • That guy

    Think that the ipad2 is capable of dealing with infinite worlds? It's something me and my brother have been debating for quite some time.

    • We have very little information about infinite worlds, it's possible some devices may be cut off from infinite worlds. Or Mojang may surprise us all.

  • Joneso

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