Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.8.0 will have new blocks, 0.7.6 will be submitted this week

BT-BNtPCcAAHmcY.png largeNot much news has come out of Mojang regarding the next major release of Minecraft Pocket Edition, besides the screenshot above. Today Johan, the head developer of Minecraft Pocket Edition, revealed there will be new blocks in the update. "Working on 0.8.0, will start adding more blocks later today after the new inventory rendering code is done," he said today on Twitter. What blocks will be included is anyone's guess as of right now, but as always we will keep you updated.

Slightly less exciting but still worth noting, Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7.6 will be submitted this week, Johan confirmed. However, keep in mind that after the app is submitted to Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and the Apple App Store, it can take anywhere from a day to two weeks to be available for download. The update itself has a few bug fixes with Pocket Realms and gameplay, with no new features. See the original tweet at the source link below.

Source: Twitter

  • CthruME

    Seems interesting. I hope at least the new blocks are basic redstone blocks, and maybe if they can make the app "launcher" they can have it update at any time, so people don't have to wait for a day (it isnt much) to a week, or 2 (Thats a lot). It would also be a cool feature that people can sync their maps from PC, PE, and XBLA, so I can redstone on the go, and import it to a adventure map that I would be working on. Anyways, interesting post, and hope for good news in the future! ~CthruME

  • caveman

    that sounds cool i hope you will be able to mine redstone soon and jungle trees would be cool.i was also wondering if minecraft will ever be availible on chrome book?
    thanks sooo much.

  • sindor112000

    cool when do u think redstone will be added (if ever)?

  • Butter boy

    Why does it look like Steve has his pants on backward and unbuttoned…

  • michael lake

    they better make the app more like pc and xbox 360 and inclueds redstone if so i cant wait

  • CreeperMAC101

    I wonder if they will add redstone!

    • #1 Mcpe News Source!

      They only added mineable redstone to 0.8.0. You can't use it to craft anything until 0.9.0 or later.

  • CreeperMAC101

    Although it looks a bit buggy and glitchy, it looks great!!! 🙂

  • Adzza

    I hope there is villigers and boats

  • Escie123

    We'll, it'll have red stone stuff but u won't be able to use them till 0.9.0 which comes put Christmas Day which will also have everything up to minecraft PC 1.6.0

    • 0.9.0 will be released in the first quarter of 2014, so that's anywhere from January to April.

  • Minecraft wolf

    I am soo happy and can't wait the only thing is they're gonna a bunch of new stuff and it gonna be very glitchy 🙁


    There will be red stone but u can't use. It and carrots, compasses pumpkin, pumpkin pie oak and a-cilia saplings,haystack and maybe even horses but it will be laggy

  • jarno

    I really want ordinary pistons and sticky pistons

  • jarno

    i want all the accessories items of redstone

  • Awesomeness 570

    Reely excited for the update

  • mcpehackking

    The update is out on November the 8th 2013 I read it on the forums.

    • No official release date has been announced, that date is a rumor.

  • mcpehackking

    It is going add nether portals and wolf's I just can't wait!!!!!!:)

  • mcpehackking

    It dose add ender men but no end I think the end will be in 0.9.0

  • mcpehackking

    Guys Corbin David is a BICH he banned me from a comment page

  • mcpehackking

    It adds 3D clouds

  • Nadeyfirex

    Guys if you want to look at the real stuff planed type this: upcoming fuetures for minecraft pe minecraft wiki

  • Makenzie

    I k but how do u get the freaken version 0.8.0?

  • Makenzie

    Like damn

  • Daniel Buono

    Their will be red stone but you can't use it for anything. 3D clouds and you can change skins in the settings and carrots and ETC. Better graphics and you can use cheats. The update will be around this month or the month after.

  • noah

    i want more updates for minecraft 0.7.6 now!

  • VS_serafin_VS

    Thanks 🙂 <3

  • Gabe&coop

    Is 0.8.0 coming out on November 8th 2013

  • Gabe&coop

    They are going to add a nether portal in 0.8.0 butt I'm not shore about caves

  • RandomGuyWhoJustSitsThere

    Does anybody know what is the seed, or will it only work with 0.8.0?