PocketMine Realms hits 50,000 users worldwide, offers alternative to Mojang's Pocket Realms

Screenshot_2013-06-21-15-02-03PocketMine-MP is essentially the Bukkit of Minecraft Pocket Edition. It's a free server software that allows anyone with a computer and port forwarding to create a Pocket Edition server accessible from anywhere in the world. And did we mention it's library of plugins? PocketMine also hosts PocketMine Realms, a list of PocketMine servers that can be joined through Minecraft Pocket Edition with no mods (seen above).

PocketMine announced yesterday, "We have hit 50.000 players on PocketMine Realms!" We love PocketMine and are very happy for them to reach 50K players worldwide. You can see the original tweet in the source link below, and don't be surprised to run into us on PocketMine Realms.

Source: Twitter

  • TrajikPab

    I can never get on a realm i logged in to my mojang account and it says it is in an alpha test or something

  • TrajikPab

    i want to know how to get on a realm

  • TrajikPab


    • Then you have to join someone's Ream or wait for more to become available.