Notch reveals AVG approached Mojang to bundle Minecraft launcher with antivirus

avgThe great thing about Markus "Notch" Persson is that he's a gamer, like us. He understands what makes gamers mad and what makes us happy to play games. Today on Twitter he shared an interesting tidbit about Minecraft, saying:

"I frequently receive emails from people who want to "help monetize". My reply is usually "No", sometimes "Go away." Latest hopeful partner was avg, offering us 20k upfront to bundle it with the minecraft launcher. No. Not as long as I work here.

It seems even large companies like AVG Antivirus jump in the pile of Notch's inbox hoping for a commercial deal. Where other video game companies would have taken up the opportunity, Notch's perspective from the average gamer could see that it would be terrible. It doesn't have much to do with news, but it's definitely a sign that Mojang will continue to be an amazing company – at least as long as Markus is there and most likely longer.

Source: Twitter

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      *Defiantly is a word too

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    I'm so happy Notch is such a good person.

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    Thank you Notch for having morals!

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    The only way to please gamers is to understand gamers. Thanks Notch!

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    ha got an AVG ad for this article

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    You ask Notch and you give me a AVG ad…. Why did you have to do this AVG!