Minecraft Plus now available, available at retail and online at $59

GrassElectronic Arts is already making major changes to the structure of Minecraft, starting with Minecraft Plus. Minecraft Plus is a new version of Minecraft that retails for a staggering $59 at Gamestop, Target, Wal-Mart, and EA's very own online game center Origin. Minecraft Plus takes away the rather boring functionality of single player mode in favor of a pure multiplayer experience. We reached out to EA and they responded with, "we can assure the huge Minecraft community that there will be no server problems with Minecraft Plus. We are hosting all of the servers ourselves, there won't be any problems."

Other than the increased multiplayer functionality, there is no new features to distinguish Minecraft from Minecraft Plus, but there are rumors that in-app purchases will enable new items like a soccer ball from EA's Maffen 12 game. See the source link below for EA's post.

Source: Electronic Arts

  • daniell61

    Whellp, there goes minecraft offline for the few who "buy" this ._.

  • Spencer Bartlett

    Youre not fooling us corbin!

  • Joseph Byham


    Another great April Fools…

  • Like a BLOCK

    Wow your good at april fools

  • Joel Beauman

    Actually there is a "Minecraft Plus Mod" but the stuff up there is fake…

  • Angelus Nex

    I actually clicked on the bottom link… 😛

  • Somebody…

    You should probably post something about it being an April Fools joke before some people that didn't look at the source get the wrong idea…

  • TheP0ro

    I Almost believed that :DDD

  • The Fat Hobo

    Uhhh…. I clicked on the Source link and my Avast popped up and said it was malware…

    • Why would a website be a virus? Unless you specifically give them access in a popup or something, web pages do not have the ability to change your computer.

      • The Fat Hobo

        Well, it wasn't the site, i just clicked on the site and it said malware tried to attack my computer. Sorry for bothering you.

        • No problem, just wanted to let you know that unless you download something from them or run a Java applet, websites can't harm your computer 🙂

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