Minecraft style taken down from YouTube (again), CaptainSparklez to seek legal help


Late last year the famous Minecraft-themed parody of Gangnam Style, "Minecraft Style," was taken down from YouTube. CaptainSparklez, the director and lead animator of the video, said on Twitter, "Minecraft Style got taken down again. God dammit.  […] Gonna be seeking legal consultation to determine whether or not to continue fighting the claim on [Minecraft Style]. Will update you when I can." The video was taken down before due to claims from Universal and Sony of lyric infringement.

Last time it happened, Jordan attributed the takedown as an automatic event and likely was not manually taken down by a representative of YouTube/Universal/Sony. He disputed the claim, putting the video back on YouTube for the time being. The music industry striked back today and blocked the video for the second time. Jordan said he will be, "seeking legal consultation to determine whether or not to continue fighting the claim on [Minecraft Style]." Countering the takedown could theoretically result in the video being permanently removed (that is, all the views/likes removed) and the CaptainSparklez channel being taken down. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Source: Twitter

  • Tim Luker

    I will stop using youtube if his account gets removed!

    • BubbaZero

      Will you really? xD

      • Honeydewmelon56

        10 minutes later…

  • David_Stryke

    This is just pure bullcrap! There's TONS of other parodies out there, and they decide to attack the one that was in the last Google comercial of the year. Wow. I hate them for this. CaptainSparklez all the way! You have our support Jordan!

    • ShadowStreetProductions

      I agree, they remove him they will be hated by millions

  • Sinisevil

    How does it get taken down again? Not only is it in a Google commercial, but it was played at Minecon!

  • Kerochii64

    Don't take his channel down! We're begging for mercy here!

  • DryBones98

    Seriously? Are you f*cking kidding me? Out of every Gangnam Style parody to ban, the choose Minecraft Style? They better not take down his channel or I will rage like a Ghast outta Hell!

    • sparkleslover

      dont you mean nether

  • sparklez fan

    they have no reason to do it its minecraft based so apparently sony hates minecraft parodies of famous song -_-

  • Synitar

    If its not blocked everywere, its hard to take his channel down, cause it must everywere bieng down what cant be, cause there are not rights everywere.

  • sparkleslover

    i am srry but they can suck one others have put it up and others are going to get away with copying it

  • serius

    q mierda a quien lo vajo o demando es un hijo de p*ta

    • I know a little Spanish: "that shit low who sued is a son of p*ta." I don't know what word he beeped out though, I'm going to assume he meant b**ch.

      • FruitcakeCat63

        you don't know spanish. google traslate does.

        • I'm taking Spanish II atm 😉

          • FruitcakeCat63

            Oh. Lol, same here. Soz bout that xD

  • ShadowStreetProductions

    They have no rights to do tat. THE LYRICS ARE MINECRAFT BASED! Can't wait till Jordan's layers get into this, if they take down his channel everybody will hate Sony/Universal/Youtube for doing so

  • GamerzCentral100

    I'm confused as to why it was taken down…

  • Mbc

    i like that parody!
    theyre just jealous

  • reporter 443

    If they take down this minecraft style they'll have to take down another 2000 vids that are copies of the video

  • RandomSparklezFan

    Technically since the video was at Minecon that just goes to show that it's obvious the video is being copyright claimed because if it was it would have never been claimed. Someone call PSY right now and get him on our side!

  • TrueJustice123