Quartz Blocks coming to Minecraft 1.5, good alternative to marble


This is a screenshot of Jeb's new Quartz Blocks, obtainable with the quartz ore that was added in the last snapshot. It appears to have many different variations, much like Sandstone. That's about all there is at the moment, what do you think?

Source: Twitter

  • Nicholas

    Awesomeazing I love it I like decorating my house with the butter(gold),diamond,iron,sandstone and the new redstone and quartz

  • He said they were block tests so we may not see all the textures in the final product. 🙁

  • Adam Fickle

    Looks pretty awesome.

  • Wallguy80

    Yeah but one thing is for sure awesome

  • Jehosophat

    This is going to make a project I have been working on for some time even better than originally planned!

  • caleb hansen

    i like the look of them.