ASTRO File Manager releases special version for installing Minecraft PE maps

If you've ever used an Android device, you've probably heard of ASTRO File Manager. With over 110 million downloads worldwide (according to the developers, at least), it's easily one of the most recognizable utilities for Android. And now they have a new file manager specifically for Minecraft Pocket Edition, aptly called 'ASTRO File Manager for […]


Minecraft Pocket Edition/W10 Edition 0.12.3 released with Halloween skins

Mojang surprised everyone today with a brand new Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition update, labeled version 0.12.3. Admittedly it only contains bug fixes and minor adjustments, but it has new Halloween-themed skins too! This time around, the only new feature is showing the crouch animation from first-person view. It includes fixes for the iPhone 6+, interface bugs, […]