The Nether confirmed for Minecraft: Pocket Edition

After players wishing for it for years, the Nether was finally confirmed for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Minecraft PE dev Tommaso dropped the bomb earlier today on his Twitter account: By the way, Nether *drops mic* — Tommaso Checchi (@_tomcc) April 22, 2015 Technically speaking, the Nether has been confirmed for a long time – but never […]


Minecraft devs working to make every Minecraft edition the same

Although exclusive features, like split-screen play on consoles or the new boats on Pocket Edition, may give owners of those games bragging rights – Mojang is looking to change that. Lead developer for Minecraft on PC and a developer for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Jens Bergensten, wants to make all editions roughly the same. He tweeted this […]


Daniel Wustenhoff joins Mojang as MCPE developer, here's what he worked on before Mojang

Hot on the heels of hiring the creator of PocketMine MP, Shoghi Cervantes, Mojang has announced the next developer that will work on Minecraft Pocket Edition. Cervantes made the announcement on Twitter: Let's give a warm welcome to @darngeek, a new Minecraft: PE developer working with us — Shoghi Cervantes (@shoghicp) February 10, 2015 The developer's name […]


PocketMine Developer Shoghi Cervantes joins Mojang, will work on multi-player features

During the somewhat-vauge Q&A livestream Mojang broadcasted earlier this month, they announced three new developers would be joining the Minecraft PE team. And today we learn one of them – Shoghi Cervantes! Shoghi has been well-known in the Minecraft PE community for quite some time now, being the developer of the PocketMine project. PocketMine-MP is […]